24-Hour Care: Talking to Your Elderly Loved One About 24-Hour Care

24-Hour Care: If your elderly loved one has been receiving home care services but is in need of 24-hour care, you might be concerned about talking to them.

This can be a difficult conversation. Even if your elderly loved one already knows they need a lot more help and care, they still might seem resistant to getting all of that help. With this being said, it is important to take the time to talk to your elderly loved one about getting them 24-hour care from caregivers.


Elderly Care in Prince William County VA: 24-Hour Care

Elderly Care in Prince William County VA: 24-Hour Care


Caregivers Are Available to Help

The first, and most important, thing to talk to your elderly loved one about is that the caregivers are available to help. They aren’t just going to head into your loved one’s home and take over with everything. They are going to work with your elderly loved one to help with the things that are tough or impossible for them. This could include laundry, medication reminders, putting dishes away, meal preparation, and other tasks.


Listening to Concerns

It is normal for your elderly loved one to have some concerns about receiving 24-hour help from caregivers. It is important that you listen to the concerns that your elderly loved one has. The more you listen and let your loved one know you understand, the more likely they will be to feel better.


Meet with Caregivers

Your elderly loved ones might feel better if they get to meet their caregivers before they start receiving 24-hour care. They might still get to have some of the same caregivers they are used to having. This can help to make the transition to 24-hour home care a bit easier. Regardless, meeting the new people who are going to come into their home can help your loved one to feel more at ease. You can set up these meetings for your elderly loved ones.


24-Hour Care: Conclusion

These are some of the things that you should talk to your elderly loved one about, in regards to 24-hour care services. If your elderly loved one is currently receiving home care services, it might not be that much of a transition to getting 24-hour home care services. However, if they have never received home care services before, it might take them some time to get used to it. Be sure you are giving your elderly loved one time to talk about and adjust to these changes. After some time, hopefully, your elderly loved one will be used to getting more help. Once they get used to it, they can start being more accepting of it, as well.


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